Thursday, 15 March 2012

Tiger and Bunny review

Heroes, villains, property damage. It has to be this anime...

Sunday, 18 December 2011

SupaNovamber 2011

Dear viewers thank-you for the wait, anyway here is a video of my time at Supanova in November. Also please be patient a little but more, my first episode will be out shortly. Thank-you again

Friday, 28 October 2011

Name and Rank

Pioneer's Order: Sanctioned South; Recruit V093, A.J. Taiyou. Master of Arms: Keyblade. Freelance Space Crusader. Sector Guardian: K-B:7.11, Common Name "Badlands".

Weaponry Specializations: Plasma Mod-Firearms, Keyblade, Mod-D-Tector

Technology Specializations:Worm-hole computer watch, D-Tector Badge

Awards: Medal of Valor; [Turned down], Medal of Honor; [Turned down], Increase in Rank: Master Space Crusader; [Turned down], Medal of Integrity; Accepted.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Letter for the future

To anyone who can help, present or future.

You can call me A.J. Taiyou, and to those who don’t think me insane, I require your assistance in this manor. I think I’ve crossed timelines, at least twice. This may seem strange, or possibly crazy, or maybe something like a sceptic would say to try to get you to reveal your secrets, but I am all of these things save for being a sceptic. As I’ve said I think I’ve crossed timelines, or world-lines, as one individual calls them. In any event I know that I’ve crossed into a separate time/world line already, however I believe that I never returned to my original line.

Now in truth I haven’t read all of the John Titor messages, so I have no idea if what I’ve just said is impossible by those standards, but there is an explanation as to why. You see before last week, I never knew that JT existed, and yet other people have at least heard of him. At first I just thought that it was because of some other circumstance, other than me being from a different time/world line, however my father claims to have referred me to those works back in 2007, the year I was interested in time-travel. Yet I have no recollection of such an event ever occurring.

As I talked to him about it, as well as my friends from that time, they all tell me that I was deeply engrossed in the JT messages, and even wrote to him a few times, though they never say if anyone responded back. I have even checked all of my computer’s history, and it seems to back up their claims. And yet I clearly remember the last time my computer says I had checked to see if John Titor was still around, it was the same night that I crossed into another time/world line, and that night I never touched my computer, I just went straight to sleep.

Another reason why I feel that I’m not in my original line is because of a few little things that may seem insignificant to most, was very important to me. Such things like my family home, important people and dates to my friends not meaning anything to them now, and finally me.

My family had always planned to move into a house closer to the town where most of us were working, however after my definite trip into another time/world line, in where we were actually living in said house, upon return I questioned my parents about the house, but they said that I was mistaken, and that they had planned to move to a different town which, while being closer yes, was still about 10-15 minutes by car going 80 kilometres per hour from the town where most of us worked.

Now as for my friends, such little things, like one friend cheating on another, or certain friends who had moved away, or even relationships that had ended, were completely forgotten by everyone save for me. And these events, alone may not have been any consequence to people, however it was these events that lead me to where I ended up in my original line. Yet everything is different. The cheating friend cheated with another person, and had been for longer than in my original line. The friends that had moved weren’t heard from by the ones they had been friends with. And finally a few friends of mine, I only became friends with due to who they were dating, either didn’t know who I was, or what I was talking about.

Then there is me. As I’ve stated already a lot of things are different now than my original line, yet this time/world line’s version of me is still me. Mostly. I mean we both arrived at the same point in our separate lines, yet this me doesn’t share all the same experiences as me me, and though a lot of the things this me has, relationships, things, etc, are the same as mine, I have noticed little things. Stuff I had given away, stuff I had never seen before, and just random placements of objects that seem completely different to my own organizational system. It’s stuff like this that have made me me confused, which I usually blamed on my poor memory.

But I’d never realised that I may be in a different time/world line that is until last week, when I had conversed with my father and friends. As I had said earlier people, I had never heard of John Titor in my original line, and I know the reason why. In my original line JT either had never existed, had arrived at a different point in time (such as after my first crossing, or years before when people wouldn’t even given JT the time of day), or someone arrived at the same time that JT did and wrote the same things, but didn’t call themselves John Titor.

People I’m worried about my original line, I’ve been away from it for nearly two years now. If there’s anyone, present or future, that can then please could you help me out.


Sunday, 10 July 2011

Welcome to the Badlands

My first post on P.O.S.S. and I welcome you to the my mad realm, The Badlands. I hope to see you all enjoying the place. This came about from multiple influences, and multiple 'nudging' from my schoolmates.

What will posted here, mostly videos. What I hope to achieve with these videos, at this point nothing. What kinds of videos, for now just rants, however I wouldn't mind getting into reviewing. When will these videos be up, hopefully by the end of the month. Until then, just sit back, and enjoy....